Hey, I´m Nina Dali, inspired by ‘Emily in Paris’.

Ever since I watched “Emily in Paris” a few years ago, a spark was ignited within me. I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to run an agency.

As a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, I intimately understand the challenges that come with building and sustaining a business.

As a passionate Business & Branding Strategist, there’s nothing more fulfilling than being a part of the process of bringing your ideas to life and witnessing their impact. Seeing your business thrive and grow is my ultimate reward.

My passion for growth, both personally and in business, is the driving force behind everything I do. As a Taurus, I have a natural affinity for beauty, and this transcends into my work through the art of visualization.

I understand the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, and my mission is to change the narrative by providing you with the right support and accountability to help you build a successful business.

Despite my proficiency as a coach, I’ve found my comfort in the backend, away from the spotlight. While I may not seek attention, my soul comes alive when crafting successful stories for you. Witnessing you achieve your dreams brings me immense joy, and my purpose is anchored in providing unwavering support to turn your aspirations into reality.

Reflecting on my early days of establishing an online business, I often felt overwhelmed by the lack of proactive support and technical skills. My desire for comprehensive support led to the creation of Blissify Media.

I wanted to provide you, as an entrepreneur, with the full support and guidance I wished I had during those crucial stages. It is my mission to ensure that you have the resources and support you need to thrive, and as a result, I am committed to changing the entrepreneurial experience for you.

I believe in a ‘done by you, for you’ approach, personalizing efforts to suit your unique needs and aspirations. And most importantly, I treat your business dreams as my dreams.

Our Story


2011: The year I moved to London

In the summer of 2011, I lost everything. I had to sell my coffee shop, which I had run for several years. and I was devastated. I needed to leave Slovenia – all due to one unfortunate business decision.

2015: New Business Adventure

My first business in London started after I quit my job as a manager in a chain coffee shop. I trusted myself completely. I knew that if anyone could succeed, I could. I was determined to trust myself, take a risk, and build a better life.

2020: Healing, Growth, and Success

For years, I had multiple reasons for wanting to change my life, but it was my painful breakup that ultimately triggered my spiritual awakening. My deep pain became the perfect catalyst for me to begin my journey of healing and self-growth. I got help. I learned. I healed. I grew. I made changes. I succeeded. This led to an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal transformation that forever changed my business and me.

2022: It Was My First 6 Figure Year

Buying my first apartment, having a beautiful new home, getting published as an author, thriving in my business, hitting my first six figures, strengthening my relationships with my beautiful girlfriends, and being able to spend my entire year with my mother in London were all highlights of 2022 for me.

2024 and BEYOND

A few of my favs…

Can't Live Without

Walk in the morning

Favourite Show

Mamma Mia

Dream Trip


Passionate About

Self development

Guilty Pleasure

I love chocolate

Favourite Music Band


Beach Vs Mountains

I love both

I Love

Books & Travelling

Love Notes

Your Brand Identity Is The Visual And Emotional Representation Of Your Business’s Values, Personality, And Mission.”